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2014 Cuatro Lunas Four moons

Stream 2014 Четыре Луны - Cuatro Lunas - Four moons
2016 4 Jours de France Fo

Stream 2016 Дни Франции - 4 дня во Франции - Jours de France - Four Days In France
Four Corners: Boy forcefully stripped by youth detention centre staff

WARNING: DISTURBING FOOTAGE: ABC's Four Corners has obtained footage showing a young boy being stripped naked and left crying. The boy, Dylan Vol...
NeoNazis explain why they like Donald Trump

Four days before the US presidential election, white supremacists gathered for a rally in Pennsylvania. Subscribe to our channel!
Chile jails four over gay killing Video Reuterscom

Oct. 29 - Four jailed in Chile for the torture and murder of a young gay man. Paul Chapman reports.